Fire Pixie

New Year's Eve 2015 Lights & Projection Show Wrapup

Our New Year's Eve LED Light show at the India Community Center in Milpitas, CA went off without a hitch.

Light shows are hard.  Fire shows are a breeze in comparison -- as long as we've checked and soaked our tools, they will catch fire every time.  Lights are trickier.  Batteries must be charged.  Connections must be tight.  Remote controls must be located (and batteries for those too!).  And our environment must be dark enough for LEDs to really shine, or our show just disappears.

Even with all the fancy new equipment and costumes we put together for this show, the whole thing went off without a single hitch.  Every light turned on or off when it was supposed to, the music synched beautifully with the animation of the LEDs, and the room was perfectly dark enough to show off our synchronized projection show behind the dancers.  Everything went so smoothly that the show was over before we knew it!

Here is a short video hitting a few of the highlights!  We had such a blast dancing to the Bollywood music, and the audience loved the show enough that we were mobbed for business cards afterwards.  This show was a WIN!


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