Fire Pixie


I love doing halloween fire shows! I love parties where absolutely everyone dresses up in costume. I love the challenge of having to give my costume that extra "oomph" so I still stand out as a performer. I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

I did a stilt walking show at the Live 105 Spookfest last night, and that was pretty crazy. There were 4 of us stilt walking altogether and we had blinky spinny light toys (yes, I can hula hoop on stilts and YES it's very difficult) and we had a fun time wandering around the Cow Palace making people's jaws drop. My costume was the Queen of Hearts, or rather the Red Queen from the newer Alice in Wonderland movie, "scaried" up a little bit for fun.
From now on, every time I go to a concert or a show at a huge event center like the cow palace, I'm doing it on stilts. I could *see*! And there was room up there to spin my spinny toys without hitting anyone. And.. well, I got a backstage pass and preferred parking and got paid to be there instead of having to pay to get in.
It was challenging though.. the crowd was thick and young and energetic, and there were plenty of spilled drinks on the floor. Wet floors + thick crowds + stilts is a recipe for disaster.. and I did slip and fall at one point. I had my kneepads on so I didn't get hurt too bad, but I did bruise my right elbow and my left palm, and my nose just a bit too. Luckily there were about 15 cute, costumed 20 year old guys around to pick me back up again. I was amazed at how quick I was back on my feet.
I guess a fall is inevitable at some point in one's stilt walking career, and I'm glad it's over with. :)
Tonight is a fire show at the Nimitz Mansion on Yerba Buena Island. I'm pretty excited! Halloween RULES!

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