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Interview by 16Hertz about Mermaid Glimmer

Check it out!  I was interviewed by 16Hertz, a New York-based web site that specializes in LED and arduino-based projects for the entry level Maker. 

Glimmer the Mermaid Interview by 16Hertz

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Mermaid Glimmer Underwater Night Swim Video

Check out Mermaid Glimmer's newest video!  

Mermaid Glimmer is the world's only swimming LED mermaid.  Her tail has over 180 arduino controlled lights, which animate and twinkle in rainbow patterns.  Book her for your evening pool party and treat your guests to something absolutely unique and ex…

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NC Merfest 2014 - Mermaids, Fire, Fashion, Circus and So Much LOVE

I just got back in town from the first annual NC Merfest in Cary, North Carolina.

How do I describe this experience in words?  I can do my best to describe the magic, share the art, and reminisce about the sheer, unadulterated joy, but somehow words just aren't enough.

NC Merfest was created b…

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Swimming Mermaid Cosplay and Photography in Cancun - Whale Sharks and the MUSA Underwater Museum

Mermaids, whale sharks and sandy beaches?  Count me in.

Way Beyond Productions, a photo studio and dive shop out of North Carolina, put together a mermaid portfolio  dive trip at Isla Mujeres, off the coast of Cancun in Mexico.  The trip was absolutely magical.  As I write this a week later, I'm s…

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