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StorytellingStorytelling is an age-old art. Sitting and listening to a good storyteller, we are transported to another age, a time of kings and queens and princesses, or a land of enchantments. Storytelling inspires the imagination in a way that television or movies can not do - it leaves the imagining to the listener - and there is nothing more creative and more beautiful than a child's own imagination.

Our stories are appropriate for children of all ages. They're interactive - nobody has to just sit and listen, there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to yell out answers or give advice! (You'll never get that from a TV show!)

Fire Pixie storytellers bring the costumes they wear to life. Each costumed character will tell his or her own story - the listeners get to hear about Cinderella from her own lips, transporting them to her world and inspiring their imaginations.

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