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Birthday Theater  
Birthday TheaterLights! Camera! Action!

Our Birthday Theater is one of our most popular activities. We start by telling your guests it's time to let their imaginations go crazy, and everyone gets to pick a character they'd like to "become" for the next hour or so.

Then we get out our face paints and paint their faces so they "become" the character they choose. We usually end up with lots of beautiful princesses, rainbows, tigers, fairies, dragons, and spidermen - or whatever your guests imaginations can dream up. Optionally, we can bring our dress-up trunk and costume your guests appropriately for their big debut!

Once everyone's ready to go, we all get onstage and act out our play for the grown-ups. The entertainer will narrate a story (with the birthday child as the star, of course!). It's great fun to watch your Birthday Princess going on a grand adventure with her three other princess friends to rescue the baby kitty cat and the baby unicorn from the Evil Sorcerer - and afterwards you'll have a video you can treasure for a lifetime!

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