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Glamour Makeovers  
For the girls who have grown out of traditional face painting we offer Glamour Makeovers. We use "real" makeup in all their favorite colors - lots of blues, purples, and pinks - as well as sparkly lip gloss and lots of glitter to complete the glamour look.

If there's time, we'll also do nails - we have a big selection of sparkly colored nail polish, and the girls can paint each other or have our Entertainer give them the full "treatment".

Girls aged 6-10 absolutely love getting a makeover - for many of them it's their first "makeup" experience and they are thrilled by how "gorgeous" they look afterwards. Years later they'll look at the photos from their birthday party and recognize that it wasn't the makeup that made them beautiful - it was their inner beauty coming out and expressing itself through their excited smile and enchanting eyes. You'll treasure those photos for a long time.


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