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ActivitiesWe provide a wide range of activities to choose from. Our aim is to make sure that your party will be action-packed with everything you and your child are imagining, and more so!

Everything is customizable - if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask us! (Really! We get some of our best ideas from people like you...)

Our rates are hourly, so you can choose as many activities as you want and we'll do our best to fit them all in. To estimate how much time you'll need (with just one entertainer) please use our calculator below:

Activity Time Calculator

Enter the number of kids you're expecting:

Magic Puppets Glitter tattoos
Face Painting Dancing Makeovers
Balloon Animals Singalong Hair Bling
Storytelling Dress-up Fashion Show
Games Bubbles Crafts
Birthday Theater Tea Party  

Your activities will require: hours

**This is our best estimate - actual times will vary a little depending on entertainer and on your specific kids' desires. Please remember to allow yourself a few minutes extra for greeting the kids and getting them organized, and also a little time for pictures and for singing Happy Birthday at the end!



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