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Huis ten Bosch explorings, and Darrell's day off

Yesterday was Darrell's day off, so we had a "girls only" day at the park.  I went in a little early and did some wandering, found where the good cheese is sold, (I may be in the only place in all Japan where one can find quality gruyere and smoked gouda) and checked out the docks during the daytime.  Huis ten Bosch sure is an odd place.

Our shows went pretty well - it was fun subbing for Darrell, and getting my "badass masculine" on.  (I don't think I can do it quite like he does though)  Doing a 4-person show with just 3 people is a little bit challenging, but we're all really versatile dancers and I think we pulled it off with just a little bit of rough around the edges.

Our schedule and show location keeps changing around every day, but at least we're on a "normal" schedule of two big shows and one mini-show apiece now.  Last night our final mini shows were done on a little island floating in the canal, and as we finished the show we lit up a whole bunch of little fire pots to fill the whole canal with fire.  According to the excitement on everyone's faces afterwards, I guess it was pretty spectacular.  We really dug dancing on the little island too.

Today is my day off!!  I shall get a massage, perhaps visit the hot pools at the Lorelei hotel across the way, and if I have the energy, perhaps go into town and explore a little bit.

I'm trying to take photos for y'all, but my iPhone screen has gone kaput.  Even Darrell's best efforts can't fix it.  The phone still functions as a camera, if I can navigate to the camera app "in the dark" (which I can!), but there's no viewfinder so I just don't know what I'm gonna get, and I don't have the ability to turn the flash on and off.  So!  You'll have to go to Sequoia for quality pics.  For now, here are a couple blind snapshots that turned out not-too-bad after all.  :)

Hot Rum & Coke?


Our Local Pirate Ship
Our Local .. Ummm.. ?


BRILLIANT.  Why don't we do it this way in America?

The Palace Gardens at Night

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