Fire Pixie

New Year's Eve

We had a great show on New Year's Eve with Blue Sky Events up in Lake Tahoe.  It was a 6-dancer show with a fire & ice theme, and it was great to work with such a big group of dancers because we could really heat the place up (and brrrr.. that was pretty important during winter up in Tahoe!)
They also had ice sculptors there - evidently world-famous ones - who made all kinds of great stuff.  My favorite were the eskimos.. they carved them so you could put your face through the "parka" from behind and take a picture with you-as-eskimo, which was all kinds of silly fun.
We even finished up in time to celebrate the new year at a cabin next to a nearby frozen lake, over which someone was shooting fantastic homemade fireworks - so of course we had to run out with our fire tools and add to the show.  :)
Thanks to Nick Winterhalter for the photos!

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