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That 70s Show

Yesterday I had a pretty unusual show - it was a blacklight / glow light show for kids at a summer camp at Club Sport in Fremont. The summer camp theme was centered around the decades of the 20th century, and for a blacklight show, I was assigned the 1970s.

What fun it was! I got to dance to great songs like "I will survive," "Dancing Queen," and of course, "Greased Lightnin'" from the Grease soundtrack. It was also my very first public hula hooping performance (I recently got a blacklight reactive hoop and so was very excited to try it out). It went really well!
I feel oh-so gutsy, being brave enough to perform a hula hoop routine for the first time ever, in front of a big group of 7-12 year old girls.. ALL of whom could probably hula hoop me right out the door. But they loved it.. and I knew a trick or two that some of them didn't, so they were duly impressed. :)
I also had the opportunity to perform with my new amazing light poi. A friend made these for me recently. They are about 5x as bright as any other light poi I've ever seen, let alone owned, and are programmable (!!!) so I can make them do pretty much whatever I want - colors, strobe rates, brightness, patterns.. there's even a music reactive mode, where they listen to the ambient sound and flash accordingly. Amazing! And they're controlled by a remote control, so my tech guy can make them change on the fly. The kids went crazy!
The third new thing were the Dancing Wings I got at Faerieworlds.. these are amazing. They're a beautiful costume addition, a very easy performance tool, and they were everyone's favorite thing! With light shows I let the kids play with the lights after I'm done dancing, and the kids wouldn't put these down. I got the black light reactive ones in green, and let me tell you, they SCREAM under UV light.
I really need to get some photos of all the new stuff, but black light is notoriously hard to photograph or videotape. If you're local and wanna help, please drop me a line!

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