Fire Pixie


Last night we did a fire show for a 30th birthday party in Walnut Creek (and what a beautiful night it was).  KT and I had a great time - we did our Belly Dance show which is one of our favorites but hasn't been booked a lot lately (people seem to like Belly Dance in the early summer for some reason) so we had a great time with it - and the audience was so much fun too!

The interesting part about this show was the way it all connected in the first place... 

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we had a great show up in Tahoe for New Year's and then afterwards went out to play with fire just for fun, out on the frozen lake.  There were a lot of folks from nearby cabins gathering around enjoying the free show, and one of them went home and must have dreamed of fire.. because our show planted the idea of having fire dancers at her son's 30th birthday bash.  She got home and went searching for fire dancers on the internet, having no idea who we were, and the first group she found and called.. was Fire Pixie!  The conversation went something like, "Hello, I was just up in tahoe and I saw these fire dancers and got this idea .. " and I answered, "Oh!  That was me!" and everything fell right into place.  :)

Sharing the art of fire is so rewarding in its own right, and it's so rare that we get to just go out and "play" with the fire anymore.. I feel like the something is telling me to do it more often!  

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