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Summer time - Mermaids and Fire Shows

This week was supercharged with fire and water, with three mermaid shows and three fire shows.  

I just finished a brand new swimming mermaid tail (here's my mermaid tail tutorial in case you're interested in such things).  This week I got to use it for two swimming mermaid gigs - one for kids, as Ariel the Mermaid, and one for adults at the gorgeous Signorello Estate Winery for their annual wine club member celebration.  (I also did a "walking" Ariel show for the most adorable and articulate three-year-old I have ever met)

The new tail went over really well at both parties.  I love doing kid's shows, but I have to admit that swimming in a gorgeous winery's Infinity Pool, gazing out over the Napa Valley and lounging in the sun while entertaining delighted grown-ups is a very appealing way to spend an afternoon.  

 Swimming mermaid in Napa ValleySwimming mermaid in the pool at Signorello Winery


We also did three very exciting fire shows that ran the gamut from a really fun, high energy kid's show for a swim team in Orinda, to a 50th birthday party, to a Lammas Feast in Oakland.  Again, I am having a hard time deciding whether the kids or the adults were more fun from the performer point of view.  The kids, of course, scream.  Every performer loves it when their audience is screaming with delight.  

The adults, while not screaming, do really offer a deeper connection and a different kind of excitement.  It's easy to impress little kids.  If you can get adults excited, you've really done something worthwhile.  My favorite moment of the weekend was when a man came up to me after the show with shining eyes and a big smile, and told me that he was grateful for the light and energy I'd brought to the event.  He said his life partner died very recently, and last week they'd held a memorial for him in the same space.  He told me that my show made him smile, for the first time in weeks - and he showed off his ear-to-ear grin.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to affect people on so many levels.  

fire thrower splits with fans

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