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Rainbow Unicorn Body Paint at the FABA Convention

A few weeks back I attended BayFABA, a face and body art convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There were some incredible instructors there including Mark Reid, Jodi Carr, Sammie Bartko and Pashur and lots of others.  These conventions are all so inspirational.. I learned a lot of new painting techniques and got inspired to get my airbrush and compressor down off the shelf and work with it some more.  Fun!

There was a body painting competition at the end of the convention, and I nervously decided to enter.  The theme was "Thrift Store Treasures" -- we were told to visit a thrift store and find our inspiration, and do a paint design based on that inspiration.

I ended up painting a robotic rainbow unicorn.  I had a fantastic model who's a wonderful roller skater, so then of course I suddenly had to have a roller skating robotic unicorn.  I used my LED unicorn horn and LED glow-fur foxtail as accents.  The "fur" on the unicorn was peeled back and the circuitry underneath was exposed.  I also had real wires and gears and stuffing appearing to come out of the "rips" that I painted.

This was a super fun project, and I ended up getting a bronze medal in the competition.  :)  



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