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I've been going a little bit crazy with LEDs this year.

Ok, a lot crazy.  It seems like dreaming up and creating LED-based acts and costumes is all I ever do anymore.  It's moved beyond an interest, right through obsession and landed squarely in the realm of passion.

I'm still doing loads of Princess Parties and Fire shows and I've probably been Queen Elsa from Frozen close to 100 times this year, but in between the fire and ice I've been soldering little lights together.  Like an elf.  Or a BOSS.

First there was Glimmer the Mermaid who is still, as far as I know, the world's only LED swimming mermaid.  Then there were necklaces, wrist decorations, and lots of glow fur.  I started adding interaction with motion-sensitive accelerometer chips (LED jumping stilts anyone?) and looking into sound reactive sensors (that is next up).  

Then, I got a Phoenix hoop from Spin-FX.  This is a programmable persistence-of-vision hula hoop  -- that means you can upload a picture to the hoop, then spin it and that picture will appear in the air in front of you.  It's also scriptable, which means I can choreograph specific pictures to appear at specific time points in the song I'm dancing to.  I have wanted this tech for YEARS and it exists now and I'm so excited.    Here's a short teaser video of my first scripted performance.

Now, just in time for Halloween, I've finished my first set of LED Isis Wings.  They are lovely.  I never want to take them off. I can make them any color I like, and the 120 LEDs are addressable (that means they can play animations and twinkle and sparkle and change color and stuff).  I'm working on a second set as well.  We shall be so sparkly!!

LED Isis Wings Phoenix

 LED Phoenix Isis Wings

Phoenix LED Wings 

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