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LED and Aerial Dance Show for New Year's Eve

Oh, the holiday season.  

Professional performers -- not only do we have to decorate the tree, shop for presents, bake the cookies and do all the normal holiday stuff, but this is one of the busiest seasons of the year for corporate entertainers.  Company holiday parties appear all in a cluster in the two weeks before Christmas and we find ourselves at holiday parties every single night.  It's both wonderful (a chance to showcase our new holiday stuff for a lot of great people)  and terrible (the evening traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area at this time of year is INTENSE).  

Still, I'm grateful for all the sparkly parties and delicious performance opportunities that come our way this time of year.

I'm especially looking forward to New Year's Eve.  Performers rarely get the night of December 31 off, but the elaborate parties that we get invited to are usually off-the-hook, and we always manage to find time to celebrate the New Year backstage or after the show.

The last several years, Fire Pixie Entertainment has performed at the India Community Center in Milpitas, CA.  We've done fire shows, belly dancer shows, aerial dance circus shows and all kinds of combinations and this year they've asked us back and asked for something a little different.. so we are coming through. 

We've been developing our LED show repertoire and decided to pull out all the stops for NYE.  This week and next week we're finalizing a brand new 30 minute LED and aerial dance circus projection show with a Bollywood theme.  It incorporates belly dance, LED hula hoop acts and LED Isis Wing acts as well as amazing aerial hammock routines.  The show will have dance numbers, poetry, original music and even a little bit of stage magic.

This show is quite a bit different from our regular offerings and I'm super excited about it. Our fire dancing show is super high energy and fun, but we've done it thousands of times and it feels so good to be working on something new and different.   The venue is gorgeous, so we're sure to get some amazing video of the show.  

I'm making art.  :)

Here's our new video featuring our LED Isis Wings, LED Phoenix Hula Hoops and some of the LED Arduino-controlled costumes we'll be using in this show.  



I hope we'll have more opportunities to perform this show next year!  I'm so excited about the technology and performers who are making this possible.  Stay tuned for more updates and video! 

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