Fire Pixie

Japan - Arrival

We've arrived!  Fire Pixie is performing for the winter season at Huis ten Bosch theme park in southern Japan.  

The trip out was pretty grueling, almost 24 hours all told to get here.  We are staying in a teensy apartment complex (the apartments are teensy, not the complex) just across the river from the park.  We got in late last night and crashed, then woke up to find the full moon setting over the hills and the sky lightening with a beautiful misty dawn.
Yesterday we got our performance schedule and took a tour of the park, visiting all our different stage locations and moving into our dressing room.   We're going to be performing either 2 or 3 full length shows each day, plus 3-4 "mini-shows" - basically 10-minute solo shows.  The first few days are going to be nuts, as we'll be packing as many shows in as possible for the New Year holiday.  However, our first show each day isn't until about 4:30 pm, which is sort of awesome.. we will have day times to do whatever we please. 
The rest of yesterday was taken up with shopping.  The park is under new management, and the amenities aren't quite what they were last time - our little apartment is pretty bare-bones.  We have no plates, silverware, chop sticks, towels, or cookware for our teensy kitchenette.  There was no food or tea on the first morning, and not even a cup to drink water from. We do have a sink, a microwave and a mini-fridge.  The walls are barren, the lighting is harsh and fluorescent, and the bed is a narrow twin that Darrell and I both have to squeeze into.  (good thing we like to snuggle)  
I will admit, dragging into this sad little place after 24 hours of travel had me pretty disheartened.  I miss my hanging fairy bed and my giant bathtub and my well-appointed kitchen!   I miss my cat.  I miss waking up in my comfortable familiar surroundings with my comfortable familiar routine.  I miss all that way more than I thought I would - way more than I feel I should.  When did I get so set into my ways?
"The powerful odor removal effect will not make you feel uneasy"
But, after shopping today things are getting a little more homey.  Thank heavens for Daiso - the 100-yen store that has EVERYTHING.  Why aren't our dollar stores this awesome???  I got some art supplies, some cozy slippers, a soft area rug and some scented candles and the place is feeling better already.  I'm going to make some crazy art and decorate the heck out of this institutional little cubby.  
Of course, having things like tea, and a mug to drink it from (as well as my very own bottle of sake) doesn't hurt either.  :)


Today is rehearsals all day long, then we begin performances on Monday (NYE).  I'm quite looking forward to it - here's hoping the weather holds.

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