Fire Pixie

Iowa State University Trip

It's a sleepy Monday after a long weekend of traveling and fire.  We had a 5-dancer show at the VEISHEA celebration at Iowa State University on Saturday night, and really had a great time on the trip.  

This is the second year we've performed at VEISHEA and this year the weather, despite forecasts to the contrary, was just beautiful.  The party was hopping, the crowd was really enthusiastic and the show was really well received. 
We did two sets, ending at around 3:00 am, and dragged ourselves back to the hotel room to sleep while the college kids continued to party.  (It seems they do it right, it Iowa.. :)  This type of event always has lots of other fun entertainment as well, and we got to see glass-walking, juggling, mentalism, fun with a tesla coil, and even chainsaw juggling between sets.  I loved being a part of such a wacky show!
Got home a day late, due to missed connections at the airlines, and not all the dancers have made it back yet but everyone is finally aboard a plane and on their way back to the Bay Area.  Trips like this fill me up at the same time they tire me out.  I'll be sleeping really well tonight.. but I'm glad I did make it back in time to take a nap before performing at the 4/20 party for Harborside Health Center tonight.  (Oasis Nightclub in Oakland!  We're at 9:30 and 10:15, come on out and don't miss us!)

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