Fire Pixie

Fire Arts Festival

Fire Pixie had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the Fire Arts Festival this year with Copper Lantern Fire Theatre.

Fire Arts happens once a year and people really pull out all the stops: huge metal monsters that shoot fire, all kids of art and beautiful kinetic sculptures everywhere, great people and great energy, and lots of amazing performers! We were honored to be invited to perform this year. :)

Fire Pixie's performance was an acrobatic balancing, fire eating routine which was just a small piece of Copper Lantern's longer show. Our costumes were very much fun - the story line was full of beasts and lizards and fantasy creatures, and we got to be slinky, silly cat creatures. We went crazy with the face paint and crazy cat-eye contact lenses. Performing as a non-human is so fun and silly and liberating!

Also, we LOVE doing big stage shows, and love performing with so many wonderful dancers, fire spinners, and artists. Fire Arts Festival really does a great job of building and fostering the fire community in the Bay Area.

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