Fire Pixie

Circus Themed Wedding in Reno, NV

When you think of weddings, do you think of stilt-walking Ringmasters?  Unicycle-riding fire jugglers and beautiful contortionists? Do you imagine guests bedecked in classic top hats and spats, with ladies in bustles and touting parasols?  That was the scene at Wendy and Brett's wedding this weekend in Reno, Nevada.  Members of Fire Pixie and Circus Momentus joined forces to bring an old-school circus atmosphere to the beautiful Crummar Grove at the Reno Rancharrah.

It was one of those splendid events where it was difficult to tell the guests from the performers. Our 9' stilt walker was perhaps an obvious pro, but guests were spotted riding a unicycle, and one arrived with a monkey seated on his shoulder.  
The evening's entertainment included a jaw dropping contortion performance by Dwoira Scheffer , and fire juggling by the talented Brian Thompson.  Despite all that talent it was perhaps the bride who stole the show with her brave participation in Darrell St.Blaine's fire eating exhibition.  (It should be noted that Darrell originally called out the groom, who quickly backpedaled and volunteered his new blushing bride for the job of "lovely assistant").  
It was a night to remember, and an event that may well inspire a new wave of Circus themed weddings in the Reno area.

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