Fire Pixie

California State Fair

We've made it to the halfway point of the State Fair! Yay!

Our show has been rockin', and the audiences are really a lot of fun. The only major drawback is the heat - yesterday it was up to 104 and we were melting on that hot, hot stage. When it gets that hot, we have to be extra careful and aware since accidents are all lining up to happen. Fire tools are igniting early, as soon as they get anywhere near a fire source, the bright sun makes it hard to see lingering flames, and the heat makes us feel heavy, sleepy and a little clumsy. We're drinking gallons and gallons of water and sweating it all right out again, so overall I imagine this is good for us in the long run, even if it's not a whole lot of fun in the meantime.

The weather report says today will be cooler, and Monday through Friday looks to be way down in the 80s. We are keeping our fingers crossed. :) At least the evenings have been beautiful - we have a longer break between our last two shows and have taken to wandering around the fair at dusk, seeing the other shows and taking silly pictures and looking at all the animals. Our favorites: newborn piglets, the garden of gigantic proportions, and Frank Olivier's Twisted Cabaret show.

The Sacramento media has found us, and we've gotten to do a couple of TV spots, with one more scheduled on Monday morning. Here's a link to our favorite one!

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