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It's been a week since the California State Fair run ended and we're *finally* feeling fully rested. It's always both exciting and a little sad when a show reaches its end. We met so many wonderful people during the run, and really pushed our limits with the heat and the sheer physicality of the shows. It's good to be home, where the delicious rain lets us know that fall is on its way, but I do miss the excitement and energy and adventure that the fair offered.

Here are some awesome photos, taken by the amazing folks from Fairytale Productions, who had a face painting booth near our stage (and wandered by several times a day in princess costumes, which made me giddily happy).
We did a luau fire show for a 40th wedding anniversary this past weekend and were astonished at how very *slow* our regular luau music felt compared to the frenetic craziness that was our state fair set! But after that performance, I have to say that my own style and showmanship has developed quite a lot over the last few weeks. I don't know how much it might show, but my control and awareness during the show has certainly attained a new level, which feels really wonderful.
Also, I've got a million new show ideas, and now that my body's had a bit of a break, I'm diving in headfirst. We got the opportunity to go to Teatro Zinzanni this weekend with some friends, and now we're considering putting together a gypsy fire show. I'm also working on some cool ideas with aerial tissu, black light and LED dancing all combined with video projection.. my imagination will run away with me, if I let it!
Looking forward to seeing what surprises the fall season brings.. :)

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