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Aerial dance photos

It's been a pretty exciting week.. had a great show for a Bat Mitzvah on Sunday, at a cute little restaurant in Redwood City that I'd never heard of before - Angelica's Bistro.  I want to go back there for dinner some time.. the ambiance was fantastic and the food looked great!

Today I did a photo shoot for aerial tissu with a fantastic photographer named Greg Albin.  I've been doing aerial dance for about a year now and am ready to really start getting out there and doing more shows.  If fire dancing is my heart, aerial tissu is my soul these days.  I absolutely love the feeling of flying high above the heads of my audience and taking their (and my!) breath away with drops and flips and graceful poses.  It speaks to me on so many levels.  
Here's my favorite photo from the shoot today... or see the rest over at my Picasa page.  Keep your eyes out for a new section on the web site about aerial dance!   And if you're interested in more info or want to book this gorgeous art form, drop me a line!

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