Fire Pixie

Announcing our Newest Aerial Silks Duet Act - Phoenix

The San Jose State Homecoming game's Fire on the Fountain event was this week.  We provided stilt walkers, face painters, roller skating balloon twisters, and lots of general spirit mayhem for this event.  We also debuted our new aerial tissu duet, Phoenix, and finished out the night with our 5-dancer Cirque fire show.  It's been a crazy week!

Our new aerial show is a lot of fun and really unique.  The Fire on the Fountain stage was an awesome place to perform it for the first time - while we do love shows in the park and private parties, something about huge audiences of screaming college students and hot stage lights and a really big sound system just gets me all excited.

We'd come up with some of the duet choreography a year or so ago, and for this show we dusted it off and polished it up until it was shiny.  The structure starts with a slow, emotive solo by me, then the duet section in the middle and finishes with a dramatic and high energy solo by Miriam.  This is pretty different from the way we usually work, and I really enjoyed getting to slow down and really explore each pose with the slower, beautiful music.

My favorite thing about putting this act together is the music.  Darrell writes the music for a lot of our aerial acts and he really outdid himself this time.  It's so much fun to build the dance and the music at the same time, working together to create drama in the performance, hit points, and crashes for the drops can be added wherever we want them.  I loved hearing the music grow more complex as Darrell watched our dance evolve.  

It's hard work being in two performances back to back, but although aerial tissu is physically exhausting, the SJSU stage and environment were so exhilarating that I just floated right through the act and then powered into our fire show.  I love working with such talented and gorgeous performers.. it was like a dream come true.

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